Thomas Vinas
Technical Animator

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I'm Thomas ViƱas, a Character Rigger from South Florida. My undergrad was in Character Animation, where I participated in an accelerated version of the film production pipeline. In two years I took part in every facet of the production, including working with a tight-knit team towards a singular goal, which resulted in an award winning animated film. Since then I've focused on the rigging and character technical development in engine. I've competed in several local game jams and won funding. I completed my Master's degree at FIEA in Tech Art where I worked on multiple teams as a rigger and general tech artist. Through that I was able to gain experience in shaders, team management, engine development, optimization, and dynamic animation systems. Since then I've worked with multiple indie studios to ship more titles. In my off time I enjoy rock climbing, biking around town, pottery, and other challenging activities (river rafting, skydiving, night kayaking, and piano playing)

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